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We design and curate a Personal Brand that's authentic and helps you to grow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Growth Hacking and Personal Branding do not need any introduction!

It's the new age innovation that helps you to accelerate in your career or business, increase sales opportunities, build better awareness among your targeted audience, and drive insane growth & revenue.

In this digital era, It's a necessity to establish a personal brand for yourself on LinkedIn. That's why we launched GLIPED, a new-age LinkedIn Growth Hacking and Personal Branding agency in India that uses a human-centered and creative approach to enhance Personal Brand for individuals and businesses who are looking to grow and want to generate new opportunities, attract prospects, and drive revenue.

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Mission and Purpose

Our Mission and Purpose are very simple - We want to help you uncover and unleash your full growth potential so that you reach your desired goal without worrying or hoping that - Is there someone who can help in your career or your business to grow without spending too much money? That's the reason we launched GLIPED, a new-age LinkedIn growth hacking, and Personal branding agency to provide the best social media management and growth marketing services to individuals and businesses who wants to grow and looking to stand out from the crowd.


Brands We Are Working With:

Some Testimonials...

Our team has guided more than 200 people in the last 8 months and helped them in growing on LinkedIn while enhancing their personal brands. Some of our success stories are mentioned below.

See what our customers are saying:

Jayesh Pankaj Matani

Founder & CEO - Matani Financial Services, Mumbai

I came across Prabal through one of his regular posts on LinkedIn.

I booked a discovery call. He was very helpful and resourceful in the discussion, while understanding my requirements he offered solutions on the go without any biases - that shows his value add and professional approach.

The service delivery was prompt and I found him to be responsive and adaptive and aware of the nuances.

He is a go-to person to take your LinkedIn approach to the next level.

Prabal, best wishes for your future...

Rashi Agarwal

Founder and CEO - The DataDeeds, MadhyaPradesh

I wanted help with my LinkedIn Profile Branding. So I reached out to Prabal seeing his strong dominance on LinkedIn.

I can only say one word for him - An impeccable personality with great knowledge about LinkedIn and Personal Branding. He is so humble and very approachable.

Prabal helped me in my LinkedIn Profile optimization and Branding.

If you are someone who is looking to grow on LinkedIn, look no further, Prabal is the best person to reach out to for LinkedIn Growth and Personal Branding. I'd highly recommend Prabal. All the best GLIPED and Keep Helping People on LinkedIn.

Anirudh Mathur

Senior General Manager, Anika Global Group, India

Everyone here must have heard of the term "brand building" and "growth hacking". Some have even tried one too. Well, my friend Prabal Lakhotiya is an expert in both.

I had an introductory call with him a few days back and found him to be really helpful and grounded. Talking to him is like talking to a friend. He listened to all my queries very patiently and he was extremely polite and humble in resolving them.

He is the right person you should get in touch with if you are looking to build your brand to eventually gain more customers and eyeballs.

Contact him right now to 10x your revenue through growth hacking.

Want someone to manage your Social Media? Want to grow your business? Want to attract new opportunities? Or Just looking to shine up your personal brand? Let us help you!

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We are a bunch of young & cool folks, we have a flexible culture of remote work from anywhere and we don't care from which part of the world you are - as long as you can get the work done, We would encourage you to apply!

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