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We develop Personal Brand for People who want to dominate on LinkedIn



We are GLIPEDIANS and we help Individuals, Small Businesses, and Early-Stage Startups to become successful on LinkedIn by strategically enhancing their Personal Brand which creates more opportunities, attracts new clients, and grows their career or business by generating more revenue.

We are a global LinkedIn Growth and Personal Branding agency specializing in amplifying your Personal Brand, Content Creation, and Social Media Management designed to drive lead generation, drive revenue growth, and quickly achieve the results you want.

As it's rightly said "People likes to do business with People" not with the automated bots and we use a human-centered approach to make sure you reach your desired level of success in less time frame.

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We are a team of young, dynamic, and enthusiastic professionals who are sincerely dedicated to delivering dreams into an electrifying reality. We build entirely authentic personal brands that compel real results. We believe in simplifying traditional marketing by including a human-centered approach that delivers the outcomes you need to grow your business.

We are GLIPEDANS and we are here to unleash the potential in your brand.

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Prabal Lakhotiya is the Founder and CEO of GLIPED. He is a LinkedIn Growth Strategist and Personal Branding consultant with more than 6 years of experience in strategic planning and implementation in the B2C and B2B SaaS Industries.

If you are a small business owner or an early-stage startup founder looking to establish yourself on LinkedIn for more Business opportunities, look no further, Prabal will help you and your team in optimizing their LinkedIn Account and he will teach your team how to 👇


✔ Engage and

✔ Win Prospects on LinkedIn

If you are an Individual or a Jobseeker who is looking to establish yourself as an authority and want to be seen as a credible & authentic one in front of your audience, Prabal provides 1-1 coaching and training on How to optimize and succeed on the LinkedIn platform and you'll be able to see the results within 2-3 months of following his advice.

Prabal has guided and helped more than 200 plus people in their LinkedIn Growth Journey. There are no shortcuts to success, it just needs grit and dedication to learn what you are passionate about.

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Lipsa Nayak

Social Media Manager

Lipsa is someone who helps brands level up their Social Media game. She is our go-to person for Social Media Strategies and Social Media Management. Outside of her work, You will usually find her nose deep dig into a book if not on social media. A big Potterhead, who loves to watch six people living their life around Central Perk.

Mohar Bhattacharya

Content Writer

Mohar is a workaholic who believes in a lifelong learning process. She's a literature enthusiast, a digital content developer, and a native Bengali short story writer. Outside of her work, you'll find her practicing Odissi dance moves, reading a detective story book, or vibing with soft music.